Newborn Sac Set - BLACK - Dotboxed
Newborn Sac Set - BLACK - Dotboxed

Newborn Sac Set - BLACK

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Newborn Sac Set 

Swaddle sac for your newborn up to 3 months. Made to keep their arms and legs in close to their body like a swaddle. The perfect accessory for newborn photos! 

-Accessory included! Select a Newborn tied knot hat OR Headband  sz:Newborn - 1 year. 

- Bamboo Stretchy Knit


*please always use caution and your best judgement when using baby items. Depending on baby size this may be too loose for a newborn or too tight for a 3 month old depending on growth. Newborn sac should never be over the face and should removed immediately if it rises up. This is to be used for  supervised lounging only / as a photoprop and not for baby to sleep in. Do not leave baby unattended while in newborn sac.






♥️This item is hand made in house with love and careful consideration from the highest quality materials and top quality workmanship