For all of you last minute parents trying to decorate Easter Eggs with your littles, this ones for you!

We are a few days before Easter and you haven't decorated your eggs yet! Worse; you haven't even had time to grab one of those egg dying kits, but no worries! I bet there is something you can use from your fridge or pantry.
Here's what I found in my kitchen (not much haha- definitely need a grocery run) that we used to dye our boiled eggs and the best part is they are all natural dyes!
Coffee: any coffee will work!
Spinach: I had a spring mix salad and picked out the spinach.
Green Tea: any Tea will work but this turned out a beautiful pale yellow.
Red Wine: any kind!
So all I did was add each ingredient separately in a pot of boiling water (about 2 cups), a bit of vinegar (1-2 tablespoons)... let boil for about 5-10 minutes (spinach may take longer). Let cool and poured into some disposable cups for the boys to dip their eggs in.
*tip: if you can leave the eggs sit in the dye for over 30 + minutes the colors are darker; we only waited about 10 minutes ... well.. because... kids haha!
After the eggs are dyed and dried, you can color on them with crayons, use stickers etc. Or leave them in their natural beauty!
Here are some other fruits and veggies you can use if you have them around or grab them from your local shop.
Blueberries: Blue
Purple Cabbage: Blue
Hibiscus: Green
Turmeric: Orange
Beets: Pink
Grape Juice: Purple
Red Onion: Brown
Chamomile Tea: Yellow
Mate Tea: Green
Paprika: Brown
Raspberries: Pink
Cherries: Red
Cranberries: Pink
For a more detailed version of naturally dying your eggs and for multiple colors / shades visit:
*photo of eggs on marble background from A Beautiful Mess blog.
*photo of Spring Baby bodysuit by Dotboxed and can be purchased here:
Thank you for reading and share any other natural dyes you have used below in the comments!


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