Hearts Collection in Support of CHD Awareness

CHD Heart Warrior Baby Blanket


I am very excited to be able to add the new HEARTS COLLECTION to Dotboxed. I have created minimal designs both personalized and non personalized in support of CHD (congenital heart defect) families; I really hope you love them! This collection has been in the works for many months with the help of a customer, Heather with her little girl Maddy being the inspiration behind it all. Read more below of how and why this collection is very special for NICU families.


Hi! Meet Madelyn (Maddy). Madelyn is one of the 1 in 110 babies born with a congenital heart defect in 2019 (hypoplastic left heart syndrome) and has undergone multiple procedures, surgeries ( a PA banding on her pulmonary arteries, Norwood Sano procedure and a sternal debridement) and will have many more in her lifetime. She has already been admitted 4 times since November 1st (her birth date) and has spent almost 3 months in our local NICU at the Stollery in Edmonton. Heather, Maddy’s mom who has been a HUGE supporter of my shop had started coming to me with her heart design ideas in the Spring after she found our that Maddy had a heart defect. Together, we made a few personalized heart warrior designs and printed well over 20 swaddles and minky blankets so that during their expected hospital stay they would have something special, unique, personal, and comforting. Shortly after, when Heather reached out to me to ask if I would be interested in creating a product to donate proceeds to our local NICU, it was a definite YES since it was already one of my goals for Dotboxed to be able to give back.

 While speaking with Heather, it was obvious that the little things truly went a long way while staying at the NICU and she was very appreciative of the help and support her family, friends and even strangers provided. That’s when she had introduced me to a few organizations that provide gift bags and donations multiple times a year to families in the NICU. I wanted to give a gift of something special, so we decided that with EVERY purchase from our HEARTS COLLECTION a donation of a swaddle, lovey blanket or tied knot hat would be made to a family staying in the NICU. These donations will be distributed through other Organizations/Charities/Foundations which we will announce as we partner up with them!

I am so happy to see you here, I see your support and would love for you to follow along to see how many NICU families we, together can gift an item to! You can find the collection here: SHOP HEARTS COLLECTION

A special Thank You to Heather and Family for helping me make this happen!

 - Tegan

Owner and Founder of Dotboxed


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